how to share airtel data plan

How to share Airtel data plan

Although this is no new but it is effective as some people don’t know how their data plan can be shared out to another number.

Some people know already but they don’t know how it is done. In this article I’ll teach you how to share your data plan on your Airtel sim to another Airtel user.

Let’s begin by dialing the regular data Code on Airtel

Step 1: Dial *141#
Then type in 5 (Gift or share data)
After that,press send.

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Then you’ll have to change your PIN by typing 1(Change pin) and then press send


Step 2: Change your pin by using 1234 as the old pin

Note: This applies to you if you have not been using offers that uses pin

So use the  default PIN(1234) as the old pin and then enter a new pin(the pin of your own)


After this you’ll get a notification that your PIN has been changed successfully.

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Step 4: All you need to do now is to send the amount of megabyte you want to send.

Note: There is restrictions to the amount of megabytes you can send. It all depends on your existing data plan. For example : On #1000 data plan you can only send 200mb per day. 

All you need now is redial *141# and then select 5 , select 3(Data Me2U).

Step 5: Select 2(Send Me2U from an existing data allowance) Then enter the recipient number.

[Don’t know your Airtel number—Learn how to get your Airtel number]

–> Enter the number of the Airtel user you want to share your data plan with and press send you’ll be requested for the amount of data you wish to share and your PIN

–> Then you’ll see a message that’s your megabyte transfer was successful if you followed the instructions.

This really works…. If you’ve got any problem just comment below and I’ll guide you through.

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