Do you wish to increase your Adsense CPC and to be able to earn more money ? Then this post is for you to learn the ways to increase Google Adsense earnings.

Optimizing your Adsense account is the best solution to increasing your CPC. Adsense optimization consist of many thing, but you must understand that eCPM is the main key of getting more Cost per click (CPC), because you might be getting much good CTR you might not be able to earn good money. This is so common to blogs that are not based on English.

There are some of the bloggers who already experienced this before and there are still more experiencing this now.

They get a lot of traffic but still they get low earnings from Adsense. I will explain below – How to get much earnings from Adsense and make a lot of money   with your traffic.

Google Adsense  Cost per click

Google Adsense is an ads network that pays publisher more based on CPC(Cost per click) Google Adsense also pays on cpm also called pay per 1000 impression. By now you should understand that you must work on your CPC and CTR (Click through rate).

In order to increase your earnings you must not depend solely on getting thousands impression because doing that can’t help you earn more income rather of doing that, you should concentrate on increasing your CPC and CTR because it will really help you. Traffic has nothing to do with CPC, CTR is the best factor of getting more earnings.

Below are the main key point that affects Google Adsense CPC 

1. Niche

The most important reason of getting high CPC depends on your niche. When we are talking about niche, it is the factor that speaks about your blog/website.

When choosing a blog name and niche you must be careful to choose a niche in accordance with what you’re suppose to write for your readers.

Below are the list of the best paying niche that will help you earn a lot of income: 

–> Technology post >> Gadget(phone review, blogging tips, computer tips and more related topics)

–> Finance(banking, forex trading and many others)

–> Product reviews(Google products, Me offices, Apple products)

–> Automobile

–> Health related 

–> Home loans plus Real Estate 

–> Jobs and Earning tips. 

2. Content:

Content is also important in the aspect of getting more traffic and thereby increasing your Google Adsense CPC and CTR rate.

This is part of the ways to increase Google Adsense earnings

You should always try to engage with your readers in your every post. You should always write your content according to your blog’s niche to ensure you get good CPC and CTR rate.

Writing good content helps you a lot it will get the Google Search engine to access your blog and then popularize it.

Then if you’re lucky to get your traffic from U.K, Canada, U.S.A and more countries related, your CPC and eCPM rate will surely increase and this will be of great advantage to you.

While writing your content, you should ensure to do keyword research. Keyword research helps you get targeted traffic. Want to increase your traffic ? I will help you with that.

3. Categorize your ads

Categorizing your Google Adsense ads helps you in choosing the right ads for your blog according to your niche. Categorizing your ads also means blocking some ads that pays low regarding to other ads.

If you’re blogging on technology and you have Dating, Politics, Religion, Entertainment ads showing up on your blog, you should block them in order to reach your full potential.

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4. Country you’re getting the traffic

This factor also affects your blog when it comes to Cpc and eCpm. For example : If you get a click from a user living in USA you may get up to $5 for that only, compared to getting a click from a Nigerian user you might get $0.5 and that’s comparatively low.

This is part of the ways to increase Google Adsense earnings

To avoid these issues most of the time you should try to get your blog content written in English.  This will help you get users from all countries and it will also increase your page rank on Google.

5. Use the most paying ad format

You should always check out for each as report to make sure you’re maximizing your profits. If you can place 336 x 280 and 468 x 60 ad, it will increase your potential cause I personally use the ads myself.

Also, try to use some text ads because text ads get more Ctr compared to image and text ads. It also gives you more cpc and relevant ads for your blog.

Anyways, the both text and image ads are great but you must learn to maximize your profit with all your ads.

6. Where you place ads.

This affects your blog earnings a lot, if you didn’t place your Google Adsense ads in some part is your your blog. Placing the ads in between your post works well and increases your CPC. This is part of the ways to increase Google Adsense earnings

You should try to add ads to the header section of your blog to get impression. Do not forget that impression might lead to clicks.

Get an ads format of size 336×280 rectangle and then add them in between your article, two would be great, you just have to add it up to the top of the article and in the middle of the article to increase Click through rate(CTR).

Try to also use ads in between your post or sponsored post. This will get a lot of clicks and increase your revenue.

Final words: As I mention above you should try experimenting all your ads because this will light your path and thereby helping you get to know which ad perform well.

Then you will be able to maximize your ads to be able to make some money for your needs. That’s all you need to know concerning the ways of increasing your Google Adsense earnings.

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