I have been getting a lot of questions on how to remove the yellow background that always appear at the back of Google Adsense ads.

So I’ve decided to write an article explaining the simple ways to remove the yellow background as this also help you to fully optimize your blog’s SEO

As you all notice, this yellow background are found on WordPress based blog/website most of the time.

Well if you are experiencing this kind of problem all you need to do is to follow the procedure I listed below >>>

First you need to login to your WordPress admin panel, then you move on to [Appearance] then on to [Customize] then you will see the option [Additional CSS]

Then you need to copy the CSS rule below and paste it in the additional CSS.

ins.adsbygoogle {background: transparent ! important;}

This will help your blog ads have a transparent background.

Note: If you don’t use a WordPress blog, you can add the above CSS rules to your blog style.css file and the issue will be solved.

Hope the above solution helps you out, we’ll be releasing more solutions to WordPress and blogger errors soon, receive these upcoming solution post by subscribing to our newsletter and also clicking on the bell to ring you when a new post is updated….



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