Instant messaging

Today, customers like to feel important and special,

a brand must be able to build unique and human relationships with its audience.

Instant messaging represents the new frontier of B2C and B2B communication, apparently users prefer to communicate via chat rather than through social networks.


With 1.5 billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp represents a huge opportunity for marketing professionals.

The green comic messaging app is the most used in 104 countries with

which 1 billion videos, 4.5 billion photos, and 80 million GIFs are shared daily.

Enormous People

The popularity of the platform together with the habits of users makes WhatsApp a business tool with enormous potential. The ease of communication and the instantaneousness of WhatsApp push people to use it not only to interact with friends and relatives but also with brands.

Aware of this trend, Zuckerberg and his team have opened the doors to companies by releasing a professional version of WhatsApp dedicated to small businesses, to promote one-to-one marketing.


WhatsApp Business: the application for companies

The Business application, available for free for both iOS and Android, is very similar to the one we use every day, but there are some extra features designed to facilitate communication with customers.

Instead of a personal profile, it is possible to create a verifiable business one, complete with address, email, website link, and useful information.

The app also offers a series of tools that simplify the management of relations with users such as automatic replies and absence messages.


Why should companies use WhatsApp for their marketing strategies?

One of the main reason we chose WhatsApp is because lots of people use it.

People send out almost 50 billion messages per day

According to a research carried out by Nielsen to understand the use of Facebook Messenger, in the next two years 67% of users will be increasingly inclined to communicate with brands through messaging applications, and 57% of respondents say they are oriented towards a purchase from companies with which it can interact directly and instantaneously.


In addition, instant messaging apps have a high engagement rate: 98% of messages are being opened up and read by mobile and 90% of these are displayed within 3 seconds of receipt.


How to set up a disruptive WhatsApp Marketing

Basically we have a big problem: when planning a WhatsApp Marketing strategy, keep in mind that the app does not offer any paid promotional tools

and no features dedicated to companies.

This involves some limitations, for example

you cannot send the same message to an unlimited number of users at the same time.

More On This

The broadcast lists allow the insertion of a maximum number of 256 users,

therefore the traditional WhatsApp is not exactly ideal for large-scale marketing actions.

And even groups are not an acceptable solution,

because if you send your offers and communications to a WhatsApp group, customer replies would be visible to everyone.

The solution

If you want to build a truly effective WhatsApp Marketing strategy you need to have a tool that allows

you to do actions like sending multiple messages and

set up automatic replies to customers with a chatbot.

WhatsApp does not offer these possibilities? It doesn’t matter! Fortunately, some third-party solutions are available on the online market that will solve the problem for you.

More solutions

A noteworthy example is that of Mercury.

Mercury is an alternative platform to WhatsApp that allows you to link

your WhatsApp account to a client similar to WhatsApp Web,

with which you can send bulk WhatsApp messages to lists of your customers.

This service offers many exceptional features to use WhatsApp in your business.

For example, you can build WhatsApp chatbots, translate chats in any language and

you can also use the same WhatsApp account on more than one PC for Instant messaging.

Mercury also offers unofficial WhatsApp APIs, useful for developers who want to fully integrate WhatsApp into corporate strategies.



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