How to improve battery life

This is a day to day question “how to improve android phone battery life”

Today I’ll be giving helpful tips on how to improve android device battery life, there is nothing more painful in this world when you think you charge your android phone to the fullest only to start using it and the battery goes way down in no time.

I have always been a victim of this type of sad experience until I learned the best method to improve battery life and enjoy more up-time from my phone.

Below is the list of the best ways to improve android battery life: 

1. Turn off automatic Wi-Fi / Bluetooth connection

This has been a critical issue as it consumes more battery while searching for available/open Wi-Fi networks.

You can help your Android phone battery life by turning off automatic Wi-Fi connection in the settings under network settings.

Learn how to turn off Bluetooth after use as it also consumes battery.

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2. Reduce phone screen brightness

This is common among the feature that consumes more battery life than ever; if you ever increase your phone screen brightness it will continue to consume more battery than ever.

Aside from the fact that too much screen brightness consumes more battery life, it is also not good for the eyes and can cause some irritating issues with the eye.

You can escape this defect by turning on blue filter or get an app that offers this feature.

Reduce screen timeout, this also help improve battery because if your phone screen is set to higher timeout it is possible to see an increase in battery consumption.


3. Stop the use of live wallpaper and widgets

Someone people don’t know that using live wallpaper can increase battery consumption as it will use android CPU to work effectively thereby causing a spike in battery usage.

Using static wallpaper will do the trick; nobody needs live wallpaper for no reason.

Stop using many widgets on your phone home screen as it causes increase in battery usage, only use widget that matters e.g. clock and date widget.


4. Shut off location

This is a great way of saving battery life easily, GPS location request lots of time so it is prone to decrease battery life.

To decrease the use of battery, try to control the location usage. Go to phone Settings >> Apps and notifications >> Advanced >> Permission.

Now turn on off some unnecessary battery usage features as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Go to Settings >> Battery >> Battery Optimization, here you can start optimizing usage of some apps.

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5.Stop background usage app

Some apps use battery in background as they use more CPU to keep updated and this is great danger to battery life.

Go to Settings >> Apps and notifications >> Advanced >> Battery >> Background restriction.

Some apps also use data connection in background while you are browsing, this is battery consuming.

You can turn off this by going to Settings >> Data usage >> Apps then you can turn off background data usage for each app by restricting them.

If you can’t find this feature in your phone settings, you are probably using an old android version. Not to worry, you can download an app Greenify to do that easily.


6. Disable Auto-sync in most apps

Syncing is designed to help aid notification to run smoothly and get updated every time.

But there are some apps that are not worth the usage, some app doesn’t need this feature to work properly yet they are turned on to work with syncing.

You can save more battery by turning off syncing for some apps that don’t need it to function.

Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Automatically sync data, then you can stop most app to work with syncing.

With these few tricks you can actually save your android phone battery life. More battery life means more phone usage.

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