Ever got the thoughts of downloading a video file from a social media network like Facebook or video sharing site like YouTube and you were unable to ?

Now You now have the thoughts that it’s impossible to download video from social media, since you are on this page you are wrong, there is always a solution to problems.

Mentioned below is the list of the  best five apps that allows you to download videos from all social media networks:

1. AyaTube

AyaTube is a well packaged and well known YouTube video downloader for Android.

This app was designed to allow you download video format in different(HD 1080, 720P, 480P and 240P) and audio format from your social media account.

It supports social media site such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so many others.

The app allows you choose the quality of the video file you wish to download, the app allows you to use high speed downloading quality.

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2. Videoder

Videoder is powerful YouTube video downloader for Android. It allows you to choose from various sites to download the video of your choice sites such a Facebook,YouTube,Instagram etc.

It allows downloading of videos and streaming in all formats available, you can easily select from any quality you prefer and it also enable you to share the video in within the app.

The app comes with an impressive UI interface. It also helps you to download faster, choosing themes, night mode, built-in video player etc.


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3. TubeMate

TubeMate is an impressive third party Android video downloader app. It has an elegant interface which is easy to use and you can download video from multiple video sharing sites.

It comes with a browser to access the site you prefer to download your video or audio file from.

The app allows you to choose the available quality of any video files you want to download. The downloaded video files are stored in your phone memory automatically. You get to download your music video in audio format (.mp3).

The app is not ad-free. It get its hard earned cash from the ads shown to you, so you have got to adapt to it.

4. Keepvid

Keepvid is one of the best android video downloader and one of the interesting ones.

This video downloader can download Facebook, YouTube,Instagram videos with faster speed relative to other video downloader apps. This app also has intuitive interface, both fast and neat.

The app let’s you to download videos from 27 other video sharing site such includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TumbIr and more.

The app allows you to download high quality videos up to 4K resolution and with its in-built video player you can play high definition videos. You also gets to download video as audio (mp3) and with it high quality audio sound.

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5. SnapTube

SnapTube is a well known video downloader app, not only well known it’s also one of the most trusted video downloader app.

It has a very user-friendly interface which is used by many popular sites. Popular videos and categories to choose from, you can perform a YouTube search directly from its search bar.

SnapTube helps you to choose quality before downloading your video. The downloaded videos can be shared to Facebook,Instagram,Twitter and more within the app. The videos are saved to your phone memory.

Hope you can now choose from the above video downloader apps.

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