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About Us

Techlypost is an archive of blogging ideas and solutions, SEO guides, and website helping tutorials.

We strive to help bloggers and non-tech people to fully understand how blogging work ranging from how to start a blogranking it in search engines such as Google, Bing, and others

A tech blog created by a tech lover to help all tech lovers understand and utilize the true need for tech.

The blog was created with the mindset of expanding technology solutions at large comprising helpful tricks to grow in tech knowledge day by day.

We provide all we can with the latest  Information, SEO Optimisation method,  WordPress Blogging Tutorials, Vlogging, and Website Managing Tips.

About the Owner

My name is Eniola Ajegbomogun, I started blogging as a failure but with different coaching and deep learning, I finally got to understand all about blogging in some ways.

I started my first blog (Currentlypost) the blog finally got firm but I lost interest in blogging regarding it as hard work but now it’s considered as a passion.

I have 6 years of experience in blogging and I vouch to use this knowledge and experience to help newbie bloggers understand how to create and maintain a successful blog that makes money.

I work hard to create full tutorials I feel people will want to read and understand.

I got intrigued and with the help of sudden thought of giving helpful tech solutions, so I made the blog fully active.

This blog was founded in 2018 but later became active in early 2019 and since then, it has been active to please all users. We will always give you the best.

We are on social media networks

A telegram group is created to help you understand and start your own new blog and full tutorials to help make it successful.

  • We also have a Facebook group for bloggers (Blogger scheme) we have experienced bloggers who are ready to share their experiences and help newbie bloggers in all ways they can.

You can follow us on

Facebook: Techlypost

Twitter: Techlypostblog

Instagram: Techlypost

Pinterest: Techlypostblog


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