Home Network cheats How to Activate Glo Jumbo Sim and Enjoy 2X bonus

How to Activate Glo Jumbo Sim and Enjoy 2X bonus

how to activate Glo jumbo sim
how to activate Glo jumbo sim

How to activate Glo Jumbo sim

In my last Glo Network post, I talked about How to get 2gb on #500 subscription and now I am here to guide you on how to activate the famous Glo Jumbo sim.

What is GLO Jumbo sim

GLO Jumbo sim is an awoof offer that gives you 2 times data and airtime for your recharge.

The tariff plan was created for both new and existing subscriber and it is widely available business owners.

This plan is of great help to lots of customers as we get 2X if not 3X of the amount we recharge,

we enjoy it both in voice calls credit and in Data bonus.

It’s data bonus is massive and so is it’s voice credit, this plan was created with love by Glo to all users/customer.

It was created for back to back Glo users to help them enjoy their time using their network.

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This tariff plan is one of their most popular and most sought after plan,

this plan consist of all you could imagine to get from a network tariff plan.

What makes the tariff plan so popular

This tariff became so popular because of the incredible features that was stuffed inside.

For example when you activate glo jumbo sim andĀ  recharge #500 you get 250MB and 1000 call credit to call only a Glo network meaning the credit is Glo to Glo network.

The advantage to it is that you can use also the data on any app or visit any website you wish, there is no restrictions whatsoever.

How to activate Glo jumbo simĀ  dial *224#

Glo Jumbo Activation Codes

#122*23# – To check unlocked bonus airtime
#122*24# – To check locked bonus airtime
*224# – To migrate to Glo Jumbo

You will get a notification message that you have successfully migrated to Glo jumbo, now you can enjoy all the features it holds without any glitches.

Enjoy it while it last
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