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How to Force Your Android Phone on 4G Network Only

How to force 4G on Android phone

This has always been my thought- how to force my android phone to load only 4G network, I got this request from a user of this blog about the method to force a 4G network on an android phone.

I made my research and I saw that some of the recently produced phones don’t have a standalone 4G network mode instead it’s either 4G/3G or 4G/3G/2G option and this hasn’t been easy since 4G networks don’t pop up easily only when you are in an area with excess network service.

Then what is the essence of having a 4G featured Smartphone and not enjoying the feature whatsoever,

not a good benefit if that’s the case.

That’s why I bring forward the two methods to end this pain and get the best out of your browsing speed experience.

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The two methods are as follow:

First: Use of USSD Code

This has worked several times for me; it gives me total faith that I’ll be able to speed my browsing experience anytime any day.

The code is *#*#4636#*#* or dial *#36446337# for more results.

It is believed that this has worked more effectively on snapdragon processor based phone, when you dial the code you then get direct access to your phone Engineering mode.

With that, you will be able to set your preferred networks like 4G LTE only.

Second: Using 4G LTE Switcher app

I have seen many apps online and on Play Store, all stuffed with ads and may not be satisfying as you will experience difficulty using most of them.

Yet one comes free with no ads, this app 4G LTE Switcher (no ads) is effective and free of ads, this app has been tested on various phones and it works as expected.

This app has been well rated by users who have experienced using this app because of its best options. It works on Samsung, Sony and Infinix phones, giving me the assurance that it works well with phones that are powered by MediaTek.

If your phone is incompatible with the app the try the USSD codes above for better results.

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For Huawei phones

Some phones are with different processors, so is the Huawei phone. This method below will be of help to you in order to get the 4G forced networks on your phone.

  1. Go to Play store
  2. The is an app name “Setting Database editor”– Search for it
  3. Install the app then Open then you will see the below features System   Secure Global
  4. Choose the System function.
  5. Search for hw_networkmode_preference and you will see “9,6,2,1” click on it
  6. add 11 to the number separated by a comma (,) the save changes.
  7. Now click on + Add new setting at the top of the app
  8. Click in on hw_add_4g_only and save
  9. On clicking on the edit setting, put in your country dialing code e.g USA +1, Nigeria +234
  10. Save the changes then close the app and restart your phone
  11. After that go to settings-> More -> Mobile network-> Preferred Network mode and you will select the option for you to choose 4G LTE only

Now you have learned the tricks to force the 4G Only Network on your phone to enjoy more browsing speed experience.

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