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How to Optimize Your Blog SEO for Better Ranking

optimize your blog SEO

Optimize your blog SEO

As I said in my last post titled ‘how to increase your blog traffic ’ . Now learn how to optimize your blog SEO

The best ways to make income or earn money from your blog,therefore reaching your potential before you start to get attached to earning income from your blog/website,

You must try as much as possible to get your traffic up and running as this is the best way of achieving your dreams with your blog.

Some of the new bloggers solely depends on keyword optimization and this isn’t good enough,

Because keyword optimization isn’t enough to optimize your blog SEO.

There are many ways of optimizing your blog search engines results.

Search engine optimization doesn’t depends on rate of relevance in blog’s keywords or meta data.

Search optimization depends on user’s search terms, SEO also evaluate information such as broken links,page views, inbound and outbound links and the duration of your site’s users.

Making visitors/users stay on your blog and interact with your content ( i.e commenting and sharing your post to social media)

What is SEO

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of increasing the quality or quantity of your blog’s traffic through organic search engine in order to get featured on search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo) That is why you must learn how to optimize your blog SEO

Below are the break down of what SEO really means :

1. Quality of your blog : This is the traffic you get when you enhance your blog and you gain traffic based on your blog’s niche.

2. Quantity of your blog’s traffic : This is the amount of people/users who click on your blog link to get what you really you have for them.

Factor that affects SEO

1. Satisfaction :

This is one of the factors that affect your blog’s SEO,this is because your blog’s SEO depends whether your blog suits your blog style and also if your blog content satisfy your user’s want.

This do affect blog’s SEO because if your content do love your blog content they will get to come back to your blog for more.

2. Error Solution :

This also matters in SEO, when errors keep showing up on your blog It affects your blog users and how search engine sees your blog experience.

The solution is to create a “404 Page Not Found ”error page, then try to insert a link that express to your blog users that the page they are trying to reach is unavailable.

Also,you should insert a link to Navigate them to your blog’s homepage.

3. Effectiveness of your blog’s content helps to optimize your blog SEO

This applies to you if you don’t write effective content because effective content is the main key of making users returning to your blog.

If users get to find the information, they need they will surely come back.

Writing content to attract your users/readers at the beginning to end helps you

decrease the bounce rate of your blog and thereby increasing your blog’s popularity.

Factors that helps you get outstanding SEO

You need to know that search engines love blog that are very friendly,

If your blog is highly usable then you will get featured on the first page list of all search engines.

SEO helps you to improve your blog if you get your user stay longer on your blog rather than bouncing off.

Below are the factors that helps you increase your SEO ranking :

1. Writing High Quality Content to optimize your blog SEO

Writing high quality content helps your blog a lot when users stay longer on your blog reading your blog’s content. This will help optimize your blog SEO

When you write useful content, your users will always stay longer on your blog to get what you are really trying to say.

Writing long content and yet meaningful help your user get glued to your blog to get most out of your blog,

Writing content between 1500-2500 words always get to rank higher in search engine results.

Although long content doesn’t always matter If your long content word isn’t helpful,

No one will bother to read and this will cause high bounce rate.

When planning on writing long content you should always have it in mind that you must write meaningful words in your content,

Produce content based on keywords and what your users want from your blog.

If your content then match your user want, then you will get more organic traffic.

2. Improve Your blog load speed to optimize your blog SEO

A lot of search engines take speed of blogs into consideration when ranking content. This do help a lot when you are trying to optimize your blog SEO

Search engines such as Google and Bing always take blog’s speed into account when processing website ranking algorithm.

Users are very sensitive when it comes to speed, users may leave your site if it takes long before it loads and this will increase your bounce rate thus reducing your blog SEO rank gradually.

There are many ways of increasing your blog’s speed some of this includes using Image optimizer, optimizing your image will help you increase your blog’s speed.

Make sure you also use HTML parser to parse some JavaScript code and also minimizing your blog redirects.  For WordPress user you can use caching plugins to increase your blog’s speed.

You should use good quality image to increase your blog conversion rate I.E

converting your image link into clicking your blog link and helping you get more page views.

When you have a properly optimized image, it will help you improve your blog user’s experience.

Optimizing your blog’s image helps you reach more users and converting that into link click.

If your blog’s image is well designed and highly usable plus attractive to be able to attract clicks.

You should use relevance in your content by using keyword and adding tags to your image, alt tag, title and description plus caption.

3. Use advance Header tags to optimize your blog SEO

Use good Header tags for your content to help improve your blog visitor’s experience,

It will help your readers to be able to spend some time on your blog, taking time to read your content and come back for more.

Breaking your blog’s content into sections that are easy to navigate and read.

Search engine appreciate keywords and header tags a lot because there are the major ways of improving user’s experience and boosting SEO ranking.

4. Work on your broken links to optimize your blog SEO

This do help your blog page a lot if you really want to optimize your blog SEO, when talking about rectifying broken links. Make sure you fix broken links as it make users experience bad usability.

Search engines can neglect your blog if your blog has a lot of broken links and so will users of your blog do.

There are lots of ways of determining broken link on your blog without assessing the blog link one by one. There are many tools and apps to help you examine your blog broken links :

>>> Google Webmaster Tools 

>>> Seobility 

>>> Screaming Frog SEO Spider

5. Ensure your blog has high level of readability : 

Making your blog readable and comfortable for users to navigate and enjoy their stay. When writing your article make sure you write in good and simple English, don’t scare your user with difficult English, make your content easy to digest.

Website readability is good for you because search engine loves blog that are simple and easy to navigate.

Google especially take blog that are readable into consideration, they enhance your blog if it’s readable.

There are lots of tools to use in testing your content’s readability :

>>> Readable.in

>>> Grammarly

6. Make sure your blog is well optimized

Search engines doesn’t like blogs that are not mobile optimized because

lots of people using search engines are users of mobile phone.

Search engines especially Google doesn’t promote blog with low mobile usability.

Making your blog user-friendly is the top factor to increase your blog SEO.

Making your blog mobile optimized is helpful to improve blog user’s experience.

There are many ways of improving your blog mobile optimization :

>>> Use numbered list or bulleted.

>>> Use short and catchy paragraph for your blog not more than 4-5 lines.

>>> Make use of bold and colour headings. 

>>> Make use of good font size and typography that are easy to digest. 

>>> Break your content into many sections with subhead. Use more header tags that include ranking keywords. 

>>> Use widget such as sliders, grids, drop-down menu and responsive layouts. 

>>> Make sure you apply social sharing button for your blog. 

With the above SEO techniques you will surely get your blog SEO well optimized and then you will get more organic traffic from search engines..

I’ll be writing soon on how to maximize your social media pages to get targeted traffic..

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