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How to get 2gb data on your Glo sim only for N500

How to get 2gb data on glo for N500

This is a good trick and the easiest way to learn how to get 2gb data on Glo for N500, although this trick has

been in existence for some years now but not all people are actually enjoying the benefits included in the trick on how to get 2gb data on Glo for N500.

This plan benefits all users both old and new customers, all bonuses on the account are locked and can get unlocked by recharging N100 or more.

Recharging N100 and above continuously will help you unlock more locked bonuses as time goes on.

The plan Glo Jumbo is amazing; it is a prepaid plan that is preloaded N200,000 credits

that is accessible for customers to call, send text messages and browse the internet to be unlocked when they recharge their lines.

If you are an existing customer you are given the opportunity to migrate to the wonderful

plan too, the plan is valid for 6 months if you unlock the bonus or not after migrating to the plan.

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How to get started with the plan

It is easier to get started with the plan, all you need to do is dial *224# to migrate to Glo jumbo and start unlocking the bonuses in store for you.

When you are done activating the plan you will get a message that you have successfully migrated to the Glo jumbo plan.

How to check locked and unlocked bonuses balance

Checking the bonus balance is easier than all mentioned, you just need to dial the right code and it is revealed to you as soon as possible.

To check locked bonus balance dial #122*24#, this means that the bonus balance you see after dialing this code is locked and cannot be used unless you recharge #100 or more to unlock some part of the bonus.

Trying to check the unlocked bonus balance dial #122*23#, the balance you see after dialing this code is unlocked and ready to be used.

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Bonus validity period

After unlocking part of the bonus, it will become available for your use. If you don’t use it or

renew it by recharging N100 or more after 14 days, it will expire and will not be available for use.

Things you must note

The maximum bonus you will get is N200,000 and also the bonus is given once to a customer.

When you recharge, the bonus balance and the main account balance are separated and viewed differently. For example, you will check your main account balance by dialing #124*1# and viewing your bonus account balance with #122*23#

If you have unlocked a bonus balance from your previous recharge,

you can recharge N100 or more to add to the bonus balance.

New users have automatically defaulted to Glo jumbo plan and existing customers can migrate by dialing the activation code.

How charges are made

Whenever you have unlocked bonuses, you call, send text messages and browse at the same time. Note that calls that are made to international lines are

charged from the main account balance instead of the bonus account.

The voice given to you is strictly meant for Glo to Glo users and

any call to other networks is charged from your main account.

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Now let’s talk about how to get 2GB for #500

First of all, get a new or old sim, and then move on by subscribing to Glo jumbo plan. Now you get a #500 recharge card or you can load through your bank account.

When done recharging, you’d already get a data bonus of 250MB and N2,500 voice call bonus unlocked. Turn off your data connection is turned on and if it is not you should proceed.

Now dial the code *777# to start the process, go on by putting in 1 Buy Data and then 1 again >Buy 3G-4G data (auto-renewable) and > 1 Mini plans then > 3 N500=920MB 14 Days.

You will get a confirmation message that your subscription has been activated successfully and then you will receive 800MB.

Now turn on your data connection, you will be given a message that your data plan has been activated successfully.

You will get a message after 5 minutes that you have been gifted 1000MB for activating the data plan.

With these bonuses, you will be getting 1000+800+25= 2025 for N500 only

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