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Best 5 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic (Easy Guides)


Want to increase your website traffic? If yes then you are in the right place.

Writing articles and publishing your article just to Increase your blog traffic, passing through a lot of stress just to keep your blog users updated.

But despite all your stress you’ve not been receiving much traffic, sometimes you will feel bad.

Well, there must be something going on with your blog with you not reaching your full potential.

Not to worry, I have here the ways to drive traffic to your blog. Check out the easy ways of driving traffic to your site.

With these easy ways, I can assure you that you will get to receive more website traffic for less than a week. These processes sure help me a lot.

Below are the listed ways to increase website traffic

–> Optimise your website content/article
–> Make use of social media
–> Plan your content
–> Enable in-content link/Guest post
–> Rewrite/repackage your article/content

1. Optimize your website content

The first thing to apply for is to optimize your blog content, doing this will help you a lot in terms of increasing your web content traffic volume.

When designing your content picture you should design content pictures to be more fancy and attractive to your existing users or to whoever that might come across your content in order to clicks to your website.

In order to follow your website traffic, you should install Google Analytics tracking code to your site, ignore this if you’ve installed it on your blog already.

There are some other web traffic tracker if you don’t prefer the use of Google Analytics. This will help you increase your blog traffic

Here are two of them:

–> Mix panel
–> Clicky Analytics


Below are some of the most important metrics :

–> Pageviews.
–> Unique visitors(users)
–> Bounce rate
–> Page per visit(pages/session)
–> Average time on site
–> Traffic source (search,direct,referral and social media)
–> Exit pages

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2. Make use of Social media

When we talk about the big key on driving traffics to your blog. Social media take a big part in driving traffic to your blog.

It takes a big role as it is the major key in driving traffic and showcasing your content to the people who use social media.

It helps you to reach more people who have interests in your content.

It is highly recommended to use social media for your blog to generate a substantial amount of traffic.

This is a better method and more verified way of driving lots of traffic.

Social media to use for blog includes Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

These social media networks mentioned above helps a lot in driving website traffic.

You just don’t get traffic on these social media just like that unless you’ve got what it takes and that means you have to make some sacrifice to attract visitors to your website through social media.

These sacrifices are being explained below :

A.  Optimize your post

In order to drive traffic or attract visitors to your blog through social media, you need to optimize your post.

You can optimize your post by doing these:

I. Create a high quality/attractive photo
II. Writing quality description
III. Use a compelling link description under the photo

B. Don’t be Spammy

In order to be true and spammy about posting to the media network, you have to follow some rules.

Follow these rules:

I. Don’t repost the same content over and over again
II. Don’t post too frequently
III. Schedule your posting

If you follow the above rules you will surely be true and at the end of the day, your website traffic will increase, and also you won’t be blocked or referred to as spammy on social media networks.

C.  Make your content share-able 

Adding a sharing button to your blog will help you a lot in many ways.

This allows your visitors to share your content in their timeline and also, on the other hand, giving you another opportunity of getting visitors to your blog.

Care to add the social media share button?

 Check out these social media share button providers:

–> Share counts
–> Share this
–> Add this
–> Sumo Share app

These above tips will help you to maximize your social media network traffic.

To get started to create a Facebook page and group and you will see great traffic coming in.

When done with that, you need to post regularly to keep your page visitors, if you want to automatically post to your Facebook page whenever you create a post on your blog.


3. Plan your content 

Getting more traffic, users and visitors are so easy If you know how to write a well planned and fancy headlines.

A great headline is key to getting more visitors on whatever platform your post may appear.

Make sure you plan your content headlines to make it more professional to enhance those who come across your post.

Writing a fancy and well-planned content headlines helps your website to stand out and helps you grow ranks in Google Search and social media Analytics.

To get your blog article headlines well planned you need the right keywords to help you get more traffic in order to get the right keyword use Google Keyword planner.

Search word based in your blog niche and also make sure you pay attention to the average monthly searches of the keyword you intend to use, you should be more focus on keywords that are less competitive and in which get a lot of searches.

These methods will help you increase your website traffic

Consider the following when creating an article headline:

–> Create a sense of urgency if viewers
–> Use power word to attract clicks
–> Make your article headline value stay clear
–> Ask questions
–> Trigger the emotion of readers

Analyze your article headline with these sites :

–> Impact blog title generator
–> Sumo headline generator
–> Seopressor blog title generator
–> Co-schedule headline analyzer

Another key part of getting your visitor to come back for more Is by creating/writing a well-defined content.

When your site doesn’t have an article to please your readers they bounce out and this will affect your traffic.

Getting your readers to read your articles unto the end is the best, it will show that you own a good blog and this will increase your website traffic.


Ways to get planned for a steady post read:
(A) Make your readers hooked to your article

Making users get hooked at the beginning is a great way of making your reader getting relaxed.

You should tell a story or be more narrative/explanative to get the mind of your reader on what you are about to teach them.

This is the best way of making them stay on your blog to read what you are about to say, try writing with you thinking you are reader, state the problems you have faced on the particular article, and why decided to post the articles.

(B)  Use shorter paragraphs, don’t make it look too dull. 
Make use of shorter paragraphs with about 3-5 lines to make your blog content look neat and attractive to readers.

(C) Always go through your article on and most of the time. 

This will make you certain you are using the right word and also makes you certified that you don’t have mistakes on your articles, so as to make your article more readable and clearer to your readers. This helps a lot to correct your mistakes.

(D) Learn to make the user/reader think you are right. 

Write your articles in a way that will make readers think you are right, telling them the exact ways you’ve come across the same issue and the solutions of getting out of the issues.


4. Make use of in-content links and Guest post

Doing this is a way of recurring traffic throughout your website, therefore increasing your traffic.

You should always include an in-content link redirecting your readers to a particular article to give them a better view, understanding what you’re letting them know in the previous post. This will help them to be able to be certain about what you’re teaching them.

You should also include guest posting, this will help you get to know your reader/user on what they really want and what they know. This allows proper interaction between you and them.


5. Re-construct your website content

Never leave at article thinking It’s old and irrelevant, this could kill your blog traffic, instead of deleting articles, reconstruct than to how you see it fit.

Rewrite your article and stuff it with new features in order to make it brand new.

Repost the article to your social media networks page and don’t forget to make it look like a repost. This will help you increase your blog traffic

Create a video for your content making it looking so sweet so that your readers won’t overlook it.  Make sure your video is so explanative and educative,

If possible you could use amazing animation in the creation of the video. You could monetize your video on YouTube and earn from Google Adsense.


Work on the above steps one by one and then see the difference, take note od the ones that work well for you.

With the above steps and ways of getting more traffic both from Google Search and social media.

You will get to know that you will benefit from it if you work according to how it goes. You will get better results within a week.

This article step was tested by me and it really worked for me.

Do you have any other questions don’t forget to comment and also share this post because sharing is caring


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