Home Tech Tips Themeshop Gives Out 36 Premium Themes To Bloggers

Themeshop Gives Out 36 Premium Themes To Bloggers

Themeshop gives out 36 premium themes
Themeshop gives out 36 premium themes

Themeshop gives out 36 premium themes for free

Themeshop a large theme and plugin database, known to provide all kinds of WordPress themes and plugins.

A remarkable Large theme and plugin provider or vendor gives access to publisher and site owners to get and use their premium themes and plugins for free without paying a dime.

During this COVID-19 outbreak, the company has done its part to help publishers or site owners in their own way, Themeshop gives out 36 premium themes for free.

The total giveaway which will be regarded as a great help to site developers at large.

The company is known to have distributed a large number of themes and plugin in the past through selling activities.

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They currently have 656901 happy customers who have bought their themes and plugins.

Which is a great number, almost 700,000, no wonder they have been in the game for a long time?

They also offer access to their entire collection of 151 beautiful themes and plugins for only $99.47 a year.

When I come to learn about the price of the premium themes they are giving out at no cost, I was shocked the price of each aggregates $77 each.

List of Premium Themes Provided for free 

Beauty- cost $77

Bridge- cost $77

BloggingBox- cost $77

SocialMe- cost $77

FrontPage- cost $77

HowTo- cost $77

Sensational- cost $77

GridBlog- cost $77

Cool- cost $77

Entrepreneurship- cost $77

Magazine- cost $77

Minimalia- cost $77

HotNews- cost $77

Wildfire- cost $77

Split- cost $77

Flick- cost $77

PlayBook- cost $77

DayNight- cost $77

Spike- cost $77

PureView- cost $77

Pinboard- cost $77

Style- cost $77

Bookshelf- cost $77

Emerald- cost $77

Ribbon- cost $77

Simpleton- cost $77

Newsmag- cost $77

Portal- cost $77

Awake- cost $77

Vogue- cost $77

Great- cost $77

GreenChilli- cost $77

Diary- cost $77

Justblue- cost $77

Report- cost $77

Nominal- cost $77

Bloggie- cost $77

Groovy- cost $77

AccentBox- cost $77

Pinstagram- cost $77

Repose- cost $77

Clock- cost $77

Chronology- cost $77

D- cost $77

Get the premium themes here

These themes above are all provided for and consist of free life-time update to all users that are using this opportunity.

We hope you will enjoy this opportunity to get a premium theme and a life-time update.


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